NFL packers Nelson wins the best comeback Award

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Nelson, catching the ball

The 2017 ESPY annual awards ceremony held in Losangeles on July 13th Beijing time, the best return athlete of the year award, the Green Bay Packers wide receiver Jody Roger Federer Nielsen beat you strong return to the sports star, the award.

Nelson missed all season’s Packers’ 2015 season because of a torn cruciate ligament. The all star catcher made a comeback in the 2016 season, contributing 97 times to the team, scoring 1257 yards, and his 14 catch was the League leader. And he scored 11 in 16 regular seasons, the number one in the league.

Wild card race Nelson once again suffered misfortune, a violent crash led to his rib fracture. But he just had a truce, then in the falcons League final comeback, the team a total of 68 files offensive, he participated in the 50 file, get 2 catch, 42 yards.

At the same time to receive the award nomination and Roger Roger, Federer MLB of the Dezhou Rangers reliever Matt Bush and the Losangeles sparks WNBA Almighty Candace Parke. Nelson was voted the best Comeback Player of the NFL2016 season in February, and this time he won the comeback prize in the inter – disciplinary competitions.

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