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The strongest impact rookie Brady MVP+

The ESPY award is mainly composed of sports fans through the Internet to vote for the final award winner, to honor the past year sports outstanding individual, team and other sports related performance, sponsored by ABC, also known as the Oscar sports event. At this event, NFL, the most important league in American professional sports, is certainly not possible. The Tencent sports will be broadcast live video at 7 tomorrow morning.

ESPY and NFL are mainly related to the award for best NFL player jerseys, the best moment, the best team and so on, and the best NFL player, finalists nominated were Tom Brady, Izelil Elliott, card Lille Mark, Aaron Rodgers and Matt Ryan.
Tom Brady quarterback, new England Patriots

Brady was banned for four weeks before the start of the season, a strong return in fifth weeks, leading the Patriots to the number one seed, and 3500 yards in the 12 regular season, with just two shots. Even at the age of forty, is still as the first one of the 100 star. Season on Brady’s needless to say, he has been for more than 10 consecutive years, given the same high level of the season. It is worth mentioning that in Super Bowl history, never behind more than 10 points above the team can win, but in the 2017 super bowl, Brady led the team to draw 25 points behind the situation and help in the history of the first patriot won the Super Bowl in overtime.

NFL best touchdown interception ratio (28/2), a Super Bowl record 466 yards passing, this old man lent kept record of innovation. Brady won the award in 2008, when the new England patriots went through an almost perfect season. And this year? Brady has experienced a perfect personal performance season trend.

Izelil Elliot runs Dallas Cowboys

Leading the league’s 1631 yard ground push, each carrying 5.1 yards, the road scored 15 touchdown, led the Dallas Cowboys back to the playoffs, even James have been pushed to call it “season MVP”. It’s Dallas cowboys’ rookie running guard. As a rookie, run guard Elliot’s performance has repeatedly let fans shout fun, and more importantly, led the 2015 regular season record of 4 wins and 12 losses of Dallas cowboys to 13 wins and 3 losses record back to the playoffs.

For players, the most important thing is to help the team win the game. Elliot gave Dallas fans and the entire NFL jerseys numerous surprises, often at the crucial moment to lead the team through the crisis. The 2016 first round of the show gave the entire Dallas Cowboys a new hope for the team to return to strong teams after losing 15-16 season.

Lille, Mark, defensive ends, Oakland Raiders

It’s interesting to note that since 1993, the NFL player of the year award for ESPY has only once dropped out of the quarterback and defensive position – Larry Fitxgerald of 2009. Mark was the only defensive player to win the best NFL player nomination this time.

NFL 100 player ranked fifth in the rest of the mediocre Raiders defensive group, Mark to complete personal force had 10 sacks, and leading the league in hitting the quarterback on statistics. The 2016-2017 season was a new season for Raiders to rise, while Mark’s personal performance was an integral part of that. He played the ruling class this season, and won last year’s Super Bowl MVP, won the NFL defensive player of the year.

Aaron Rodgers quarterback Green Bay Packers

Rodgers said, there is no doubt that the hail Maliyada pass array. When it comes to 2017, it should be mentioned that Rodgers says “Run the table” (we can control it) in Eleventh weeks. The packers were 4-6 after a 4 – successive defeat, after only three teams won six straight victories in the playoffs after winning 4 – 6. And Rodgers did, and after he said this, Green Bay won a series of 6 consecutive playoff seats, and all the way to the League finals, just regret the Atlanta falcon, did not enter the super bowl.

4428 yards, 40 touchdown, quarterback scores 104.2, which is the data after the team has undergone countless injuries. Meanwhile, the playoffs beat New York giants and hot Dallas Cowboys one after another and led the Green Bay Packers to the League finals just one step away from the super bowl. For Green Bay fans, they couldn’t expect much more for Rodgers.

Matt Ryan quarterback grand Falcon

The 2016-2017 season MVP, offensive player NFL, total passing yards number 4944, and each time the ball size 9.3 to create a NFL single season record, and led the falcons again after a lapse of eighteen years into the super bowl.
Through 2013-2015 of the lows, Ryan led the falcons to NFL’s strongest offense, as well as their best season performance at falcon. The 2017 season is one of the best quarterback Ryan NFL, he led the falcons played a freely flowing style of writing like attack, the entire season only came 7 steals in the playoffs, and fight for every inch of land is 0 steals, if NFL is the most stable quarterback, no doubt Ryan is one of them. Even in the super bowl against League first defense, Ryan played a highly oppressive offense. For the Falcon, the 2016-2017 season wasn’t a perfect season, but for MVP lane, he made himself taller.

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