New season Midland West

New season teams hot topic: Dezhou people continue to build “iron and blood defense”

Kansas City Chiefs

16 season: regular season 12-4, West United States Championship playoffs, 0-1 division elimination

Hot 1: the west side of the United States has 3 powerful quarterback, but how about the skills and tactics of the players around them? Who is the most powerful player in the west of the United States besides the quarterback?
Oakland Raiders

Season 16: regular season runner up 0-1 12-4 al West playoff elimination of wild card game

Hot 1:, last season, Derek – Carle led the Raiders into the playoffs. But as far as the quarterback is concerned, is the Raiders the best team for all of the west side of the United States in the next few years?

Hot 2: Carle and Mark are two Kahali reassurance Raiders offensive and defensive end. Are they the best combination of west side of the United States nfl jerseys?

Hot 3: in the offseason, the Raiders persuaded Lynch Marshall – Commissioner for its effectiveness. So, will he be able to tilt the balance of Midland West to the side of the Raiders?

New season teams hot topic: Dezhou people continue to build “iron and blood defense”

denver broncos

16 season: regular season 9-7, United, West Third, did not enter the playoffs

Hot 1: who unknown rookie in the United States west side to create their own world? The experts are optimistic about the Denver Broncos Carlos Henderson.

Hot 2: Kahali – Mark and fan – Miller ranked last year’s defensive players voted one or two, while the United States west side, there are many excellent defensive players. If you could only pick one of them for your team, who would you choose?

Losangeles lightning

Season 16: regular season 5-11 al West champion did not enter the playoffs

Hot 1: the new season means a new city nfl jerseys for the lightning team. Did the relocation of the home town have a negative impact on their performance on the court?

Hot 2: a mountain cannot accommodate two tigers. Will the lightning team have a better record than the rams in the battle against the city of Losangeles?

After talking about the inter team, tomorrow we will be looking to the league. The brunt of the season was the excellent performance of the National League East and north of the league. What are the hot topics behind Rodgers Pury Scott and Aaron? Tomorrow’s inventory, we Be There Or Be Square.

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