NFL stars celebrate Independence Day

The national flag is flying everywhere

July 4th was the independence day of the United States. In July 4, 1776, the United States declared its declaration of independence at the Continental Congress and formally established independence from the British empire.

American society also called July 4th the national day of the United states. On national day, in addition to the most prestigious Philadelphia ring the freedom bell ceremony, the American people will be through a variety of ways to celebrate this festival, such as parades, picnics, concerts, fireworks ceremony, baseball, family gatherings and so on.

For NFL practitioners, since July 4th NFL is in the offseason, and 7 at the end of the training camp has not officially started. This holiday has become a rare holiday they can really enjoy.

Local time on July 4th, many members of the NFL family released their national day impressions on major social media and wished NFL fans a happy National day. Come and see what the big big people sent their blessing.

NFL official release celebration video

The NFL union released a video celebrating the national day at 9 a. m.. Just 60 seconds, including many NFL before the game, the players waved the national flag, running admission scene, and with the text I wish you a happy National day.

The new England patriots star wide receiver Julian Edelman early in the morning 8 when not to tweet, wish the fans happy National day. He also praised the United States as a nation of courage, imagination and conviction!”

Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown will be his National Day holiday as a weekend entertainment. He’s not only involved in hot dog eating, but of course tennis.

I lost the Super Bowl last season Atlanta falcons top running back, de – Vantaa Freeman writes: “I wish you a happy National Day, a crazy grill!”

Freeman’s teammates, who also performed well last season, Julio Jones uploaded a picture of fireworks and wished everyone a happy National day!

Jones compared to the fireworks pictures, Joe Flacco fireworks video as more meaning. The Baltimore team crow super quarterback posted a purple fireworks in the night sky in the short video, in celebration of National Day holiday at the same time, also seems to be looking forward to the team next season to blockbuster!

Since it is national day, it is natural to ignore the wishes of the eagles from Philadelphia. The eagles tight end Zach heuse says our country is set up in Philadelphia, I feel proud for Philadelphia!

In April this year has just announced the retirement of former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Toni Romo on Independence Day on this day to express his dedication in life for the country people respect, and I wish everyone with relatives and friends to spend a happy holiday.

In addition to the above mentioned these players, the eagles quarterback Carson Wentz, Seattle Seahawks tight end Jimmy Graham, cornerback Richard Sherman, the Detroit lions tight end Eric – Iraq Boren, Oakland Raiders quarterback Derek Carle, the New York giants wide receiver Beckham, Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan, Houston Dezhou team defensive end Watt JJ-, and the Green Bay Packers official twitter and NFL and celebrities expressed their team for the United States people’s National Day blessing through different channels!

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