ESPY winners list announced

Patriots hope to be the biggest winners

This year’s ESPY awards will be released on evening at the time of the United States, mainly setting up awards to reward athletes who have performed best in sports events over the past year. The award by the American ESPN was founded in 1993, is held once a year, the award to browse ESPN sports fans through the Internet voting to elect the final winner of various awards, the ESPY annual awards ceremony will invite many sports and entertainment stars at the top, so this award is also known as is Oscar in the field of sports. And as the first American football movement in the United States, the annual number of finalists and the number of winners have been in high level, but the actual situation of winning will still take into account the warm degree true performance of players and teams, the tournament’s participation to make a choice. As the 2016NBA finals staged a comeback after knight rider, the players and the team gained many awards. So, with this year’s NFL story going ups and downs, let’s see what NFL players have been successful in.

Male athlete of the year: the award list of finalists and no NFL player, finalists four are successfully defending NHL champion and won the finals MVP Crosby, the MLB MVP, from the Chicago cubs – Chris Crosby, swimming legend, gold medal collector Michael Phelps and NBA MVP Westbrook.

The best Championship (or series): Patriot quarterback Tom Brady, NCAA University softball player Shakespeare – knighten, NFL rookie DeShawn Watson and NBA players Kevin Durant. The Brady awards with the Super Bowl 25 reversal successful finalists, Brady is also the most likely to receive this award for the players, because the degree of reversal of this game is that the history of hitherto unknown, and this is also the cornerstone of Brady NFL first person title.

The breakthrough player: Milwaukee bucks letter brother, Eyre labor gymnastics star Hernandez, cowboys rookie Darko Price Kurt and Dortmund star Puglisi Chi. This award in Prescott is more popular than his teammate Elliot, but other than a few, especially the Olympic champion Hernandez and help Dortmund after 5 years and again won the Puglisi Chi Price Kurt award, the difficulty is not small.

The best record breaking performance: Bill – Biliqieke, Michael – Phelps, Russell – Westbrook, WNBA scoring Tijana – dorothy. Apparently, in front of the gold medal record of the flying fish, the record of several other players seemed to be somewhat worse because Phelps could be said to be the national treasure of the United states.

Best match: Patriot VS Falcon super bowl, Federer, VS, Nadal’s Australian Open final, and Chicago cubs VS Indians MLB World Series G7. For this, the Patriots deserve no suspense as the best prize winner.

The best winner: NCAA national finals Clemson beat Djokovic of Alabama, the first round of the Australian Open semi-finals upset out, beat Connie Dick NCAA of Mississippi State University.

This award, Clemson University University of Alabama upset victory over a great chance of winning the match, because The weak overcame the strong. in the finals, and reverse the lore of the game is the most exciting.

Best to overcome the difficulties Award: MLB star Matt – Bush, Federer, the packers wide receiver Judi Nielsen, WNBA player candesce – Parke. This award, perhaps 36 year old Federer is the best interpreter.

The best teams: the Chicago cubs, Clemson tigers, Jinzhou warriors, Pittsburgh penguins, the new England patriots, South Carolina University Women’s basketball team, the U.S. women’s gymnastics team. From a strength point of view, the Jinzhou warriors are NBA history level strong team, but the Patriots in the Super Bowl reversal is too great, this I think perhaps warriors and patriots competition.

NFL player: Tom Brady, George Elliot, card of Lille – Mark, Aaron – Rodgers, Matt ryan. “GOAT” won the prize, there will be suspense?

Then in the best male athlete in university has been four candidates in Dezhou point guard Houston de Sean Watson successfully nominated, he led Clemson University to complete a wonderful reversal, is likely to gain the honor.
The above is the ESPY awards ceremony, American football players or team finalists, awards ceremony will be held on July 12th evening of the United States, then to see what kind of awards, who actually spent.

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