Newton says success leaves only the Super Bowl jerseys china

Newton emphasized that their success is only a Super Bowl

As the 2015 season of the MVP player, Newton emphasized fall to the lowest point in the 2016 season, he led the Carolina Panthers team had a successful season and scored l super bowl, but Newton this fall, everyone bully, he almost no way to continue to lead the Panthers to victory, even 50% winrate are not met.

The 2015 season – Newton came cam 3837 yards and 35 touchdowns, 636 yards rushing and 10 touchdowns, but the 2016 season has all changed, his passing success rate hit the lowest 52.9% occupation career, he only came 19 touchdowns. Known for his tough physique, he was hit again and again after being swept over by his opponent. He was even plagued by concussion. While this offseason shoulder surgery because he even missed many of the training team, but after Newton lost again, he found his previous attitude, he began to examine himself, he thought of himself as a quarterback that only an honor can be reached a peak.

“Looking back on my own life, I found myself with only one flaw. I wanted a super bowl nfl jerseys.”. Although I need to review myself and try to be a quarterback who can win the super bowl, I need to know how I can get better, and I want super bowl.” Newton said.

At least for 2015 season Newton, he really needed to win the super bowl, and he also made it to the super bowl, but after losing the game, he was down. In the 2016 game, he repeatedly said he did not have the League to take care of, his smile less and less, he said playing more and more boring. But when he realized what he really was, he woke up and knew he was born for the super bowl.

Obviously, the Carolina Panthers also gave him the opportunity for their reinforcing team lineup, strengthen the ball and attack group attack, chose Christian McCaffrey to enhance the ground offensive, the new season the Panthers will have great competitiveness.

Carle said at the Seahawks, one yard line let Lynch rushed the ball

Even if Derek Carle and the Raiders signed a 5 year contract for $125 million, officially became the highest paid players in the NFL League, but the young people are not too expansive felt able to single handedly to change the game, as he said, as long as the horse Sean Lynch stood there, then at the one yard line, I will definitely give the ball to the former beast in order to successfully take the issued array, without what other mistakes.

“My primary goal is to ensure that the team can I give everything for the team, so I won’t have what pressure, as in a yard line we will never appear not to give the ball to Lynch and Ma Sean choose to pass, will not have such a situation, I do not care about their own data. I don’t take these as my primary goal. I don’t care if I can score 10 or more points in the new season. I just care if we can win every game, 10.” Derek Carle – charged said.

Carle’s remarks will undoubtedly hurt the Seattle Seahawks fans pain, forty-ninth Super Bowls on the 1 yard line was lost and steals the super bowl jerseys the picture is still visible before the eyes, then the Seahawks at the one yard line, choose not to make the peak period of Ma Sean Lynch to ensure safe issued with ball array fraction. The Wilson pass was intercepted. It even let Richard – Sherman has been credited to now, and the contradiction is the Seahawks coach and player last season is due to the.

Apparently Carle clever many, to win, in order to maintain team unity, so strong in a running back yard line before the ball is at any of the teams will choose at this time all the way, and Oakland Raiders is a strong red ball traditional team, because this thing is in a line of code steals this should not happen in the raid upon.

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