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“Global Times” published in February 23rd, cheap nike nfl jerseys china Professor Yan Xuetong entitled “articles (hereinafter referred to as the” external threat “article), the security environment in the rise of the Chinese made a comprehensive analysis of subtlety, shows the strategic vision of their reading, very enlightening. But the importance of adhering to the denuclearization of the peninsula, fuzzy urgency view, think Chinese only in China “friendly” or “unfriendly” have to choose a nuclear North Korea, North Korea has not become non nuclear option. This view is worth discussing.

“External threat” said on the nuclear issue Chinese “peace” and “denuclearization” two different interests, because China “has the ability to prevent the peninsula war, but not the elimination of North Korea’s nuclear weapons”, therefore, when the two conflict, the need for “Chinese priority”. The jerseys author ranking method did not say, but obviously the “peacekeeping” as the first option, let “denuclearization” obey “peacekeeping”.

The author believes that China insisted on the denuclearization of the peninsula and maintaining peace and stability on the Peninsula through dialogue and consultation to solve the problem of “three principles of organic unity. “The denuclearization of the peninsula is the ways and conditions to maintain peace and stability on the peninsula”, “maintaining peace and stability on the peninsula” is the ultimate goal, but also the implementation of the principle of. The basic function of this principle is to restrict all kinds of wholesale nfl jerseys chaos as, to prevent the “war”, by no means to hedge, as in “not allowed” denuclearization “”. “External threats” a “peacekeeping” with “Peninsula denuclearization” opposition, that the conflict between the two should be preferred, “peacekeeping” and “denuclearization” on the Peninsula may be slow or even not essential position, this is wrong.

The denuclearization of the peninsula is the premise and guarantee of maintaining stability in the peninsula, there is no “anti war” denuclearization “, peace and stability on the peninsula is impossible. North Korea has become a major threat to peace and stability on the peninsula, is an indisputable fact. If the “Domino” effect and the arms race is a potential threat to peace and stability on the Korean peninsula “nuclear”, then, it brings a huge real security threats are approaching.

The United States has to deal with North Korea’s nuclear missile threat as an excuse, is to accelerate the deployment of “Sade”; in the introduction of strategic weapons more at the same time, vigorously strengthen the South Korea, the US Japan alliance, and even does not rule out the initiate force against toward. For a period of time, the academic circles and the international society of American military action against North Korea may concern rising “. In December 27th last year, Professor Yan Xuetong told the Global Times interview had predicted that during the reign of Trump, does not rule out the possibility of bombing North Korea’s nuclear facilities”. In this situation, bypassing the denuclearization can realize “peacekeeping anti war”? The answer is cheap nfl jerseys obviously negative.

The most fundamental reason is that nuclear armed North Korea provides an excuse for the United States and the head of force against. For the United States, North Korea’s nuclear missile game once played in the head, a threat to the security of the United States, it will go to war to stop. In this situation, in general, the peninsula “peacekeeping” to the “anti war”, “war”, “war avoidance” of the work is not enough, but also to move the upper hand, seek the root of the problem. That is to say, we must take decisive measures to dismantle the “nuclear” time bomb nfl jerseys china wholesale fuze, destroyed the United States to excuse, thereby eliminating the danger of war. Therefore, in the current is not essential denuclearization of the peninsula, but the priority among priorities and a pressing matter of the moment. Not so it will be difficult to avoid war.

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