Guard you: face the king’s path cheap jerseys

Ever since the epic super reversal of the NFL Super Bowl earlier this year?

Is it because he is the winner of the 5 championship and supermodel wife?

But did you know he was a super reverse from the 199th pick?

The greatest quarterback of all time,

Defending your legendary career,

Defend every battle,

Defend yourself, protect your family,

Bodyguard, guard, honor,

Wei Shengli, champion of wei!

This time, UA will join hands with Tom Brady,

Open the 2017 day tour of Asia for 5 days!

Beijing and Shanghai, # Wei you to #!

The first stop in China: Beijing Railway Station

On June 17th, Brady will arrive in Beijing. In June 18th, cheap jerseys UA will invite the media and activists involved in the Brady training course held in Shichahai. Brady will also be in the Under Armour brand shop meeting and love football fans.

Communicate with fans more than training experience, Brady will visit the Great Wall and other famous scenic experience, Chinese tea, feel the cultural heritage of the ancient city of Beijing.

China goes second stops: ShangHai Railway Station

Say goodbye to Beijing, in June 19th, the next destination for the modern Brady China capatial Shanghai.

In Shanghai, Brady will most newly opened Under Armour brand shop Jinqiao International Commercial Plaza Shop (Shanghai city Pudong New Area 3611 Zhang Yang Road No. 5 lane 101 unit) ceremony.
Love Chinese culture Brady will visit Shanghai’s famous Yu Garden experience, bamboo quiet world. In the medical center in Shanghai, paid special attention to restore the body will see Chinese magic Brady, experience different from western medicine recovery treatment.

In June 20th, Shanghai Huangpu District Luwan stadium, Brady will host a rugby elite training camp, intense physical confrontation, the real sense of the impact, will send out the charm of football wholesale jerseys!

In CUAFL co sponsored students talent shows itself the NFL and UA elite training camp in the trials of the 56 University of technology players, will also get the greatest quarterback Tom Brady to guide the opportunity in the field!

See Brady’s China plan, you are not already tempted to face the king’s heart? Pay attention to the official UA WeChat, click here to you [# Brady Wei #] enter the page to grab votes, fill in your personal information and tell Buleidiwei you have moved, have the opportunity to get 20 Shanghai Brady training camp tickets, we will be released in June 1 all success, the lucky ones will be the scene to see the king of style! Quickly open WeChat, open grab ticket mode!

For more information about the Tom Brady trip to Asia and the brand information of Under Armour, please pay attention to UA official WeChat.

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