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The Raven has lost his job on the bum

The Raven nfl jerseys cuts off the near end and wants to sign off for Mclean

Baltimore team’s tight end Denis Crow – pita in training once again broke his hip, the injury is not expected to crow pita, and on the five day after the veteran injured, Baltimore team will choose the crow cut, although this is not humane, but the team did indeed crow.

This time the Baltimore team for the team operation crow out of about $2 million 500 thousand, and the Baltimore team have to pay the crow pita injury after repeated placement, because of injuries to his hip in 2013 2014 with pita, he and the crow team signed a contract, he abandons this clause.

This is probably the end of Denis – pita occupation career ending injuries, for Baltimore it is near end crow pita Feng is very strong, last season, pita completed a total of 86 catches, the league is the most proximal ball players in front. After cut pita, last season Baltimore team three to catch the main crow all leave, they are 2 touchdown receptions for 729 yards near end is cut, the ball 799 yards pita 5 touchdowns. Wide receiver Steve Smith announced his retirement and the ball 266 yards full guard Kell he joined San Francisco 49 grams cut people, Baltimore need to develop their own ball team, currently only Mike – Wallace crow a season on the ball more than 34 times the player, he completed a total of 72 times for 1017 yards and 4 touchdowns. As a result, the Baltimore team crow must sign the new one in recent days took over, they are likely to put before being laid off by the Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Mclean sign, or choose to be laid off by the New York jets wide receiver Eric Dekker. Mclean will visit Baltimore crow, no accident, he would choose between Bill and buffalo crow team; and the jet is hoping to complete the deal for Dekker with a team.

Jielun – Smith took part in cowboy training for the first time

Finally, people can see on the training field cowboy 2016 rookie Jielun – Smith on the pitch, in the 2016 draft, he was considered the first round of forepart strength, but serious knee injury during the period of university so that he is not optimistic about his knee, nerve damage is serious, slow growth. But this year, Smith in the body turned out, his postoperative recovery than expected recovery in good condition, he was able to start some activities on the training field photographed Smith is a person who exercises from the end line, rushed to the other end, hitting the dummy, to tackle practice. He also did some running practice and secret service practice.

In the team’s training, Smith had some fight in cowboy two team confrontation training, although he did not play to show what is impressive, but Jielun Smith can appear on the training ground of the jeans is a good thing, Jielun Smith was very satisfied with his situation.

“Every week we have gradual progress, and I have a very good change, my knee nerve is growing.”.” Smith said.

In the last game of Jielun Smith university career, he suffered a serious knee injury, Smith was once considered to be selected in the first round and even as a champion, the injury to his draft position to the second round, although a season to play, but the cowboy ten believed that he would be able to restore the state in the past,Baltimore Ravens nfl jerseys and this offseason Smith’s knee is a turning point, this is very important, for the Dallas Cowboys for that cowboy 2016 rookie may become a golden generation.

The saints run Peterson for 40

It looks like Adrian Peterson in the New Orleans saints very happy, asked in an interview about their occupation career consideration, Peterson smiled and said he is willing to play 6 to 7 years, even if it is possible, he would like to play at the age of 40.

“It’s best to hit 37 or 38, of course, 40 is a good number, and I’d like to hit that time if possible.”.” Adrian Peterson said.

Although the Peterson is certainly with some joking attitude in the face of these problems, but the 32 year old has been very serious about their excellent performance in must be pulled out after the age of 30, he wanted to prove all his doubters, leaving the Minnesota Vikings in a new team, he had no problems.

“I have a mind, is to defeat the prejudice, a young man with a child’s example, what people say is not important to you, as long as you believe, devote yourself completely, God bless you, you can do what you want to do, I left to prove it.” Adrian Peterson said.

The old age of the martyr Peterson’s heart is still strong in high aspirations, that he might not hit 37, 8 years old, but I believe that his spirit can be handed down in this game.

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