Raiders help Warriors

City team backup Warriors team

The Oakland Raiders nfl news of the home court of Alameda County arena from Jinzhou warriors home court Oracle arena only a few blocks away, the two teams with the Oakland team, so deep feelings. Before the NBA finals finals specially purchased Bay well-known publications San Francisco hurricane newspaper advertising to support the full Jinzhou warrior tour. Although future Raiders will leave Oakland, the Raiders will be able to devote themselves to the city as long as they can stay in Oakland for a full day. The Jinzhou Warriors also clearly felt from the neighbors to support the team, the Jinzhou warriors in the home court, successfully won the first victory of the 2016-2017 season NBA finals, the Raiders seems very effective support.

Interestingly, I do not know who or what inspired the raid, boarded the newspaper players are not Stephen curry or Kevin Durant, but Raymond de Green, the newspaper Green classic style show muscle celebration in the picture below with the text “JUST WIN BABY (to win it, baby then,”) on a Oakland Raiders team logo. Now, we also have to admire the prophetic vision Raiders of the game today, though, Kevin – Durant and Stephen – Curitiba firepower, but in fact it is de Raymond – Green in the offensive and defensive play, revitalize the warriors offensive while limiting the perfect knight fire, he took out 9 points 11 in 2 assists and 2 steals and 1 blocks of the Almighty to knight defenseless.

Before the two season after coincidentally Jinzhou warriors successfully enter the finals, the Raiders have to support the warriors in the same way, the 2015 season the warriors won success, although the 2016 warriors regret missing the championship, but this year the warriors are expected to win the championship, with 4 giants of the road warriors all-powerful don’t need too much force, it is had the possibility of winning the 2017 NBA Championship playoff victory to force a so painstakingly Raiders also benefit.

To get the city team or the support of players is a great thing, like this year’s super bowl on almost all of the Boston team to support the new England patriots win; and since NBA and NHL are almost ice hockey playoffs begin at the same time, when the Boston Celtics and the Boston Bruins began their trip to the playoffs, the Patriots and the Patriots players for the city team cheer in a variety of ways, such as Julian Edelman, Le Garrett Blount et al are very often to the Celtics home court to watch the game, the Celtics rookie Jielun – Brown is still in the playoffs visited Boston bears locker room.

Just as the Raiders supported the warriors’ finals, NHL’s decision to fight was also helped by the NFL city team. The NHL finals only 3 days earlier than the NBA jerseys china finals, as the defending champion Pittsburgh team with the goal of winning the penguins to the “black eight” team Nashville Raiders want Tennessee to create a miracle, the NFL team also sent Titan City Brigade for refueling. The symbol of Pittsburgh – Pittsburgh Steelers for natural rivals with providing enough help, has always been low-key Steelers quarterback Ben Rothlisberger personally stand on the penguin’s home court, a yellow towel to the city’s name for the penguin refueling. But here in Nashville is the Tennessee Titans quarterback Mario Kobita led a offensive Feng Feng man, topless, holding the traditional catfish crazy fun. The whole city has a heart in front of sports, just want to create a greater glory.

Another example of last year after the Cleveland Cavaliers win, Lebron James took the whole city to cheer for the MLB finals of the city team Cleveland Indians, unfortunately James’s luck has run out, the Indians were the Chicago cubs 1-3 comeback, and now the Indians will continue in the doom knight, James is likely to get personal career fifth runner up, one thing that is very embarrassing.

Now the finals NHL and NBA are carried out like a raging fire, and vigorously support the team in the city, Penguin lead 2-0 total score, 1-0 warriors leading from the strength point of view, these two teams are likely to complete the sweep to win the feat. Fortunately, the Tencent sports as a whole network exclusive broadcast platform NBA and NHL, and you will witness the great, NHL finals under a separate war in the Beijing time 7:45 on June 4th, the second finals in June 5th 8 against Cleveland test warriors of the contest, a few days later when the sign is the witness.

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