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The fifty-first super bowl, is the first time in history after the overtime winner of the super bowl, but such a wonderful match but could not be reflected in the ratings. This time in the United States on Sunday evening prime time, Fawkes TV live match, an average audience of 111 million 300 thousand.

Last year's "American Spring Festival" is a defensive battle staged by the Carolina Panthers and the eventual champion Denver broncos, wonderful as this year, but the Columbia TV station (CBS) on the game, or get a 111 million 900 thousand rating. The historical record of the highest, or two years ago, cheap nfl jerseys china,cheap nfl jerseys wholesale,wholesale nfl jerseys the new England patriots and the Seattle Seahawks were staged war on national television (NBC) manufacturing 114 million 400 thousand terrorist record.

It should be noted that, in this era, Super Bowl ratings specific figures are not very important. The super bowl is always a single TV show every year the highest ratings, because of this, plus the game time and are at the beginning of February, was China fans dubbed the American spring festival". In the United States, only one program of advertising can make more than one hundred million viewers to see, so the price is the price of $5 million every 30 seconds. Because of this game overtime, Fawkes TV through the overtime period made $20 million in additional advertising.

This year's opening game will give people the feeling is a bloodbath, the Atlanta falcons established a 21-0 lead in the middle of the second quarter, to the middle of the third quarter, the score was 28-3. The Patriots began to counterattack from then, from the beginning of the end of the third quarter, when quarterback Tom Brady led four consecutive attack scored 3 touchdowns 1 free kicks, including two two successful conversion, in 1 minutes, to 25 points behind at one time than the score, the game has been dragged into overtime. cheap nfl jerseys usa,cheap nfl jerseys free shippingNFL is a sudden death overtime system, the first array party win. Patriots won the coin after the choice of advanced attack, the success of the array, completed the Super Bowl history of the biggest difference reversal. The game from the kick-off to the end of time, almost exactly 4 hours.

Super Bowl ratings have been very impressive, since 1967 to determine the broadcast system, the ratings are basically growing year by year, but it is necessary to know the first time in 2010 to break through the one hundred million audience mark. The February 2009 super bowl, Pittsburgh Steelers and cardinals hit the last few seconds before a winner, the game attracted 98 million 700 thousand viewers. A year later, the New Orleans saints defeated the Indianapolis colts, won the team history first crown, with 106 million 500 thousand viewers. Since then, ratings have been growing, until the last couple of years.


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